Friday, 10 July 2015

DIY Affair: Knotted Fringe Top

Convert any top of yours into a fashion forward, knotted fringe top. Keep reading to know how:

Step 1: Take any top (Preferably Polyester); put a cardboard on it at the point where you want your fringes to start:

Step 2: Cut thin strips starting from one corner (for more accurate strips, complete the front first before going to the back side of the top):

Step 3: Tie two consecutive strips together at the topmost end of each strip using loop knots and repeat this step for all the strips:

Step 4: Put a tape slightly lower to the first knotted row, it will act as a guide as to where your second knotted row should be and will keep all the knots in symmetry:

Step 5: 3. Now take the 2nd strip of the first knot and 1st strip of the second knot and tie them together until the guide tape. Repeat this step for all the strips:

Step 6: Repeat step number 5 for as many rows as you want. I made one more row for my top:

Voila, your knotted fringe top is ready: 

Hope you'll try something like this yourself. Do tag me in your pictures if you do. Stay tuned for more DIYs. Until next time..XO, Inakshi.